Friday, July 13, 2012

Let me introduce myself to.. uhhh... yourselves

So…   here we are, writing/reading a blog. As I write this, I am already finding myself wondering two things; 1) why do I always over-use commas and already doing it (not to mention the attack of the parenthesis, which is sure to come soon) and 2) why is it called a blog?  Well…   the first part, I really have no answer for.  I guess I’ve never really taken the time to learn how to write conversationally without the use of such crutches.  I am sure some teacher taught me at some point but I was probably too busy trying not to drool on my desk during what I believed to be naptime.  The second question, though, can be answered by the good old dependable Wikipedia, which we all know has the answer to everything and is never wrong. [i] Blog is short for Web Log.  I get the feeling that this is common knowledge to most people, but it is news to me.  Upon learning this, I can’t really decide how I feel about the word.  It’s kind of a clever way to shorten and already short phase and ranks higher on the creativity scale than most professional athlete’s nicknames, but at the same time, blog is kind of a lame word and reminds me more of a shart than a short essay.  What’s a “shart”, you ask?

So what exactly is going on here?  I, apparently, am just blogging about my blog which, up to this moment, seems to be about blogs.  Kinda sounds to me like the worst episode of Seinfield ever.   But, I suppose this serves the purpose of an introduction as well as anything else.  Hey, I’m Chad.  How’s it going?
Now that we’ve gotten our introductions out of the way, I think it’s a good time to lay out the general guidelines of where we might be headed with this this. To find a bit of direction here, I think I need to answer one question:

Chad, why do you care to have a blog?

Well..  this might be an indictment on myself and my conversational abilities, but of all the conversations that I have in my daily life, the percentage that revolve around the weather or my job is increasing at a very alarming rate.  I suppose this is my attempt to flip the script on that a bit and talk about things that are more interesting to me.  Even if it is just a one sided conversation with me talking to a faceless internet. 
Now that we know what not to expect, let’s try to dive in to what we should expect.  I would say that my favorite topics of conversation in no particular order are sports, movies, music, TV, food, the internet, social media, myself and ranking stuff (I assume said rankings will be related to the previous categories).  I could imagine that there will be some reoccurring posts such as me reviewing TV shows, movies or me just dinking around on YouTube and writing about the cool things that I find (it really is an endless vault of cool shit).  I occasionally write for the fantasy baseball website, but that can get a little too dorky for the general audience, so I’ll probably keep that stuff away from here.  I’ll drop a link when I write there if you want to read any of that.   I’ll try to keep the sports stuff limited to slightly more accessible topics. Long-and-short of it, though, is that I’m writing for my own enjoyment, but hope that you enjoy some of the same things I do.  

Well, that’s it for now.  Quick and painless intro and I even managed to get a poop joke in there.. tune in for much more of the same (more or less)..

For your enjoyment, here’s a video of cookie monster singing call me, maybe.  

[i] If at some point you are ever looking for a reference for anything I write, it probably came from Wikipedia.  Deal with it. 

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